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2003-10-17: Simon in Amerika

Und hier sind die Fotos...

Ich bin am 1. Oktober nach Fargo, North Dakota, USA geflogen um Anh zu besuchen. Sie studiert hier bis Mai 2004. Sie ist an der North Dakota State University (NDSU).

North Dakota ist sehr ruhig. Das Land ist flach und meistens Acker, also kaum Wald, zumindest in dem Teil, den ich gesehen habe. Man kann hier den Führerschein schon mit 14 machen, damit die Kinder ihren Eltern so früh wie möglich auf der Farm helfen können. Ein Komillitone von Anh, der in North Dakota aufgewachsen ist, meinte, dass hier eigentlich jeder fahren könnte ohne einen Unfall zu bauen, weil man sowieso keinen trifft, mit dem man einen Unfall haben könnte...
However NDSU has about 12000 students and well equipped computer rooms, where you can find some Apple Workstations. I would say, that about 20% of the computers were Apple computers (at least in the rooms I visited), most of them G4. I haven't found any G5, but these are real new... At the TU-Braunschweig I haven't seen one Apple at all.
The "Mensa" is called "Dining Center" and you have a rich variety of food.

Here you can see Anh's desk. She lives in a dormitory, which was finished building in summer of 2003. The room was ready-furnished, everything had been put there when she moved in except floor-cupboard and the TV on top of it.
Air condition, Internet (via LAN), all you need is there. Except tidiness. That's my fault.

Kitchen and entrance door (all furnished, Anh didn't need to buy any of the furniture you can see on this photo). The microwave is really huge. And it is driven by a real complex software. But after a few minutes it's fun to use it.

Well, I didn't bring this one from Germany...

... it's a card Anh got from a fellow student on October 3rd!


This is the Skyline of Fargo (well, if you are in the Living and Learning Center, Anhs dormitory). In the middle is the parking lot for the university staff. Of course there are many more lots for them. On the left side is the parking lot for the students. The half building on the left is a dormitory, the one behind the trees I don't know and right of it is the Department of Biology and the one right of this one is a part of the Department of Agriculture.

Here you can see the student parking lot again, but this is only one half. The three buildungs in the background are dormitories and on the left is "Newmans Outdoor Field", a stadium for sport events.

These are typical cars in Fargo. The people love trucks, for example Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado and the cars from GMC. You hardly see German cars. In my two weeks I saw one BMW 5er, an old 3er, two old AUDIs, some VW Jetta and Bora and several VW New Beetle. In Minneapolis I saw som Mercedes C and S class, but most cars are American and Japanese.

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