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The Flight

Number of images: 5
Date: Saturday, 27. August 2005

Our flight departed from Frankfurt/Main and we went by train to Frankfurt Airport. As I mentioned we both had 64 kg of luggage each, so that was an experience. Luckily even there were baggage carts on Frankfurt Station, because we had to go to the Subway to go to the airport.

Professional pilots might notice that this picture was taken over iceland. I don't.
(2732 KB)
In every seat there was a phone, powered by Verizon.
(3141 KB)
Stewardess approaching
(3082 KB)
Me playing with the camera
(2807 KB)
Anh not watching
(2932 KB)

The flight was very exhausting, because we went to Hannover station at 8:00 in the morning. We landed in Philadelphia on 15:00 local time, that is 21:00 german time. Our flight to New Haven departed seven hours later and we were in New Haven at 1 local time in the night. So our trip was almost 24 h. First we wanted to drive directly to our apartment, but we decided that was a bad idea, because there was nothing in it (no bed, no breakfast), so we took a hotel room for the first night. Here are the pictures.

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