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First Days In New Haven

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Date: Sunday, 28. August 2005

This is the hotel room on our first night in New Haven.
(2934 KB)
Dressing up for breakfast.
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We even had the possibility to work in our room. But we did nothing besides sleeping because of the exhausting journey. The only thing we did, was calling Hertz and renting a car so we could drive to our apartment.
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This is the front entry of our house. The upper left windows are from our living room.
(3018 KB)
That is the living room from inside soon after arrival. It's a weird feeling, when you arrive in an empty apartment and you have no phone, no food, no bed, no chair...
(2957 KB)
But we had a shower! And you really need one when there are 30°C and 90% humidity. We had this weather the first five days.
(2426 KB)
Fortunately the kitchen was furnished an equipped with an oven and a refrigerator.
(3011 KB)
The oven. It's huge. The refrigerator is also huge.
(2788 KB)
The rear entry to our apartment. As you can see, there are a lot of kids in the apartments nearby.
(3001 KB)
That's our first rental car, a Hyundai Santa Fe V6. We wanted a bigger car for the first week to transport our furniture.
(3096 KB)
It's a nice car. The category is "small SUV".
(3019 KB)
Yes, this is IKEA. IKEA New Haven opened its doors a year ago. We found out, that it's the cheapest way (besides used furniture) to fill the apartment. But all the other students knew that too, so it was very full and some of the items we wanted were sold out.
(2614 KB)
This is Anh's desk, but we didn't get a dining table, so we used her desk. It is in our bedroom.
(3055 KB)
That's our bed. The mattress was sold out, but they still had the mattress covering and that did the job for the first days.
(3011 KB)
We had a lot to read, everything was new. And so many questions: Where to get phone, where to get a car, what is needed in order to buy it?
(2932 KB)
My desk
(3057 KB)
After the first week, we returned the Hyudai and rented this Chevrolet. First we had planned to buy a car in the first week, but that was impossible. You can only buy a car, if you have a social security number and a Connecticut Driver License. But it takes time to get these.
(3104 KB)
The chevy was very nice too. Most cars look unspectacular, but they are all very nice equipped. AC, automatic transmission and cruise control is standard.
(3072 KB)
This is my new Driver License. It makes things easier, if you have one. As there is no Personalausweis or something like that, this is the most common form of id and sometimes the only one accepted.
(3044 KB)
My room again, this time more furniture.
(2918 KB)
Finally we got a car!
(3075 KB)
It's a nice Toyota Camry LXE V6 from 1998. It has 100.000 miles, but hopefully it stands the next 100.000 without major problems.
(3088 KB)
I really like that car, but I have to take a look at the bumpers, they feel weird. But the streets here have some big holes, so maybe it's the street that feels weird.
(3077 KB)

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