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Hi, this is the homepage of Simon Sprünker! If you want to know more about me, this is the place to be. Another way (probably the best way) is to meet me in person.

What's new?

Where is Simon?

Wedding pictures! I finally uploaded the pictures of our wedding which took place on August 6th, 2005.

Anh and I visited her relatives in Vietnam. See the pictures.

I am in New Haven, Connecticut, USA at Yale University.

Our flat has new tenants: Bastian (from my Abitur-Class) and Yvonne.

My flatmate Sabrina moved out. Now Stefan and I are alone. I took Sabrinas room so I have more space for PCs that I work on ;)

Anh and me got engaged. Have a look at the pictures!

Unfortunately the Icons don't have a transparent background in IE 6, too. Don't use IE, not just for the reason he can't cope with PNGs. It is the most insecure browser around. Try Mozilla Firefox or Opera

I've noticed, that the Menue-Icons are shown incorrect in IE 5. They should have a transparent background. If you like to see the page in all its beauty, it's time to update ;)

I have been asked, if I took any pictures during my last stay in Fargo (2004-03-04 - 2004-04-09). Well, I didn't take any pictures, because nothing had changed and we didn't do any interesting things, that would have been worth photographing.

Hamburg, Germany

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